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This website combines a love of historic architecture, photography and travel with a passion for our rich heritage. I completed a Certificate of HE in Architectural Studies 2011-2012 and went on to study Historic Building Conservation at Cambridge University 2013-2014 followed by completing a BA(Hons) Classical Studies with the OU.

History has left us with a fantastic array of evidence of what has gone before. Our history has shaped the built environment and leaves traces of its magnificence all around the world. History and heritage needs to be studied, understood and enjoyed but most of all, we need to protect it.

My intention here is to impose some form of order on the thousands of images in my photographic library which I hope will serve as both a guide and reference for some of the many wonders I have seen on my travels.

“It is no great sin to protect what is old. We are but custodians of heritage.” John Ruskin