Bury St Edmunds: Boer War Memorial

Boar5 Located in the Market Square, Cornhill,  is the Boer War Memorial erected in 1904. The monument is the work of the English sculptor and painter Arthur George Walker.


The panels on the rectangular stone plinth tomb list the names of the 193 Suffolk soldiers who lost their lives during the Boer War.

Boar3 The stone plinth features corner pillars with egg and dart ornamentation beneath the lid. The memorial is Grade II listed.




Berlin: Drei Mädchen und ein Knabe Sculptures


Overlooking the river on the eastern banks of the Spree, four bronze sculptures sit
reposing on the wall.


The sculptures are the work of the German sculptor and stone cutter, Wilfried Fitzenreiter.


Originally they were located around the fountain of the former Palast Hotel from 1988
until the hotel was demolished in 2001. The sculptures known as “Drei Mädchen und ein Knabe”
“Three Girls and a Boy” were moved to the banks of the Spree in 2007.