Blyth: Hodsock Priory


Located in Blyth near Worksop is the estate of Hodsock Priory. The estate was listed in the Domesday Book in 1086 and has been an entertainment venue for kings of England throughout the centuries.


During World War II, The Women’s Land Army were stationed at the house and maintained the vegetables which had replaced the grandeur gardens of the estate. After World War II, Hodsock escaped the sad fate of many other country houses which were sold or knocked down. The house was refurbished in 2007 returning it to the splendour of 1829 with heritage paints, fabrics and fixtures.


Dating to the early 16th century, the Gatehouse is one of few Tudor brick buildings in the county of Nottinghamshire. The Gatehouse and Bridge are the oldest surviving structures on the estate. The Gatehouse features octagonal turrets, ashlar quoins and central archway. The Gatehouse and Bridge are Grade I listed.

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