Burton Upon Trent: Andresey Bridge



Connecting the Garden of Remembrance and Andresey Island is the Andresey Bridge which is a single-span iron footbridge. The bridge spans the river Trent and was built in 1884 by local engineers Thornewill and Wareham. The stone piers at each end of the bridge feature cast iron lamp standards.


The bridge features the Burton Upon Trent County Borough coat of arms which was granted in 1878.
The coat of arms depicts a spread eagle from the Paget family arms with the motto ‘Honor Alit Artes’ meaning ‘Honour sustains the Arts’. The two blue lines on the coat of arms representĀ the two rivers which meet near Burton – the Trent and the Dove.


Dating back to the 7th century, a nun who became known as St Modwen, built a small wooden
church and settlement on an island in the middle of the river Trent which was known as Andresey.
The Andresey Bridge is Grade II listed.



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