Riga: Piemineklis Aleksandra Puškina


Located in Kronvalda Park in Riga is the flamboyant statue of the 18th century Russian author and poet, Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.

Pushkin3            Pushkin2

The bronze sculpture was presented from Moscow in 2009 and is the work of Alexander Tatarinov. Although Pushkin never visited, many of his letters and poems are dedicated to Anna Kern who lived in Riga.

Riga: Piemineklis Rainim


Located on the Esplanāde in Riga is the red granite Monument to Rainis – Piemineklis Rainim. Jānis Rainis was born in 1865 and was a Latvian playwright, poet, politician and translator. Rainis (the pseudonym of Jānis Pliekšāns) was a founder and director of Riga Daile Theatre, director of the Latvian National Theatre and a Minister of Education.


Erected in 1965, the monument is the creation of the Latvian sculptor Karl Zemdega.

Riga: Rolanda skulptūru


Located in the centre of Rātslaukums (Town Hall Square) is the Rolanda skulptūru – Statue of Roland. The statue is the work of the Latvian sculptor, Edvins Krumiņš, who specializes in the restoration and reconstruction of historical monuments. Unveiled in 2000, the statue was created to replace the granite statue of 1897 which stood in the square until World War II.


Roland was the nephew of Charlemagne and a Frankish military leader who was killed in 778. He came to symbolize freedom and justice with many representations of him appearing in cities in Europe. The shield is decorated with the Riga coat of arms.

Cesis: Fishermen


Located on the edge of the pond in Pils Park Cesis are two fishermen retrieving nets, sculpted in stone.


The stone sculptures are the work of the Latvian sculptor R. Āboltiņa and adorn the edges of the stairs which lead up through the park.



The sculptures date to 1936 when the area was landscaped and improved.

Staunton Harold: Ferrers Mausoleum


Located in the churchyard of the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, a small Gothic chapel stands opposite the entrance to the old vault of the church. Built in 1906 following the flooding of the church vault after the nearby lake was increased in size, the mausoleum features ironstone dressings and is built from coursed sandstone. Prior to the flooding, members of the Shirley family had been laid to rest in the vault from the 17th century. The mausoleum contains two coffins – that of the Earl Sewallis Edward Shirley and his wife Francis Eugenie Matilda.

Staunton Harold: Walter Shirley 11th Earl Ferrer



Located in the churchyard of the Chapel of the Holy Trinity is the tombstone of Walter Shirley 11th Earl Ferrer and his wife Countess Mary Jane. Walter was an architect who graduated from New College Oxford and became 17th Baronet Shirley of Staunton Harold in 1912. The tombstone bears the Baronet Shirley coat of arms.