Berlin: Humboldt University


Located on the Unter den Linden (under the Linden trees) in Mitte is Humboldt University. Founded in 1809 by the Prussian philosopher, Wilhelm von Humboldt, it is one of the oldest universities in Berlin. The main building of the university was built between 1748-1766 by Johann Boumann and was designed by the Prussian painter and architect Georg Wenzeslaus. Originally the palace of Prince Heinrich von Preuben, King Friedrich Wilheim III bestowed it on the university in 1810.


Humboldt is now a state university and has a tradition of holding a book sale at the gates.


Located on the Bebelplatz is the Faculty of Law (above), formerly the Royal Library. On 10th May 1933, National Socialist students burned the works of hundreds of scholars, journalists, free writers and philosophers in the middle of the square.


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