Nottingham: Wollaton Hall


Wollaton Hall in Nottinghamshire was built as a country house for the landowner Sir Francis Willoughby who inherited the estate from his father, Sir Henry Willoughby, in 1564. The sumptuous residence was designed by the English architect Robert Smythson and built between 1580-1588.

Wollaton3       Wollaton2

The building is constructed of Ancaster limestone ashlar and details a classical order on each floor of the building. Classical Roman and Greek figures are set in circular niches in the projecting corners of the building.


The central hall (above) features a screen with passage and gallery above also designed by Robert Smythson. The screen has Doric columns, sculpted figures and stone entablature.


The ornate hammer-beam roof features shields and sculpted figures supporting the roof timbers. The oak panelled ceiling dates to 1830 when the English architect Sir Jeffry Wyatville altered part of the building for the 6th Lord Middleton.


Wollaton Hall was converted to a museum in 1925 and is Grade I Listed.

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