Zadar: Crkva Sv Ilije


Located just behind what remains of the Roman Forum sits the Church of St Elias (Crkva sv. Ilije), the only Orthodox church in Zadar. It is situated on a Roman Capitol near to the Pillar of Shame and built upon the site of the former medieval church of St Elias.


The church was originally used by Greek sailors and merchants and later served the Serbian community.


Redesigned in the Baroque style in the late 18th century, a church tower was added on the eastern side. All four stages of the tower were of a unique design featuring different shaped and sized window openings, carved figure heads on the third stage of the tower and engaged columns on the fourth stage.


After World War II, the resulting clearing of ruins led to the discovery of the remains of flagging, parts of the portico, basilica and tabernae near to the church.


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