Donington Le Heath Manor House


Donington le Heath Manor House is situated on the outskirts of Coalville and close to the village of Hugglescote in Leicestershire. From some of the remaining timbers, tree-ring dating suggests that this 13th century medieval Manor House was built between 1288 and 1295.


During the 15th and 16th centuries, the Manor House was owned by the Digby family. Sir John Digby fought at Bosworth Battlefield for Henry Tudor in 1485. In 1574, the property was owned by Everard Digby who was a close friend of Guy Fawkes. In 1606 he was executed for being one of the Gunpowder plotters.


The Manor House was opened as a museum in 1973 and continues to hold re-enactments and activities throughout the year. The 17th century style garden features a herb garden, flower gardens, an orchard and a maze.


Spinning wheel on display


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