Breedon on the Hill: Church of St Mary & St Hardulph


On a man made cliff in Leicestershire stands the Parish church of Breedon on the Hill. The first Christian monastery was established in Breedon in the late 7th century and was founded by King Aethelred of Mercia. In 731, Tatwin, a priest at Breedon, was made archbishop of Canterbury. Formerly the church of an Augustinian priory founded in the early 12th century, the church incorporates 9th century carved masonry from the monastic foundation formerly on the site.


A Romanesque doorway  (above) with inner decoration feature on the church. The building is constructed of stone rubble and ashlar and underwent repairs in 1784 which were carried out by the 18th century architect Joseph Wyatt.


The church has a battlemented parapet,deeply chamfered lancet windows and intersected tracery. The church is Grade I Listed.

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