Riga: Barikādes Piemineklis


Located on Jēkaba Iela (Jacob Street) is a pyramidal memorial which was unveiled in 2007 by the State President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga. The monument is dedicated to those who lost their lives during the confrontations, known as The Barricades,  between Latvian and Soviet Union forces in 1991. The inscription details wording from a Latvian folk song.

Riga: Latvijas Nacionālā Opera


Located on Aspazijas Bulvāris next to the city canal is the Latvijas Nacionālā Opera – Latvian National Opera House. Built between 1860-1863, the building was the design of the Russian architect Ludwig Bohnstedt. Originally called the German Theatre of Riga, the building is known locally as the White House.


The Neo-Classical entrance facade is dominated by six Ionic columns which support the pedimented portico. Sculpted figures of the Greek god Apollo adorn the tympanum with two female figures separated by a lyre ornamenting the roof. The central part of the building features hanging arches around the exterior. In 1887, the first power station in Riga was established in the annex of the building.