Appleby In Westmorland: Gabriel Smalwood


Located on the wall in the Lady Chapel of St Lawrence Church is a stone monument in memory of a 17th century vicar, Gabriel Smalwood. Diocesan records indicate that Gabriel had been curate at Wetheral before becoming vicar of St Lawrence Church in October 1681. The memorial states that Gabriel was 48 years old with the date of death recorded as the 7th March 1698. Under the old style Julian calendar, the year commenced in March (Martius) and ages were calculated according to the year of life and not completed years. The Gregorian calendar therefore indicates that Gabriel was aged 47 and he died in 1699. The translation of the inscription is as follows:

“Here Gabriel Smalwood M.A. has laid down his mortal remains and the outer covering of his flesh. He was vicar of this church, much missed, who daily bestowed his goods on the poor, and at the last gave back the only things he had left to give, his soul to God and his body to the earth, on the 7th of March, A.D. 1698, at the age of 48.”

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