Kirkby Stephen: Anglo-Danish Stone Fragments


On display in an exhibition space in the Parish Church of Kirkby Stephen are fragmentary stone pieces. The above stone is a type of cross-head sometimes referred to as a plate head. Carved out of a large block of sandstone, the arms stand proud and are linked by a raised outer rim. The block has been squared off, truncating the two side arms and removing most of the linking ring. The date of the stone is uncertain but thought likely to be 11th century.


The above semi cylindrical shaft on display was found in 1847 built into the wall of the chancel. With well preserved patterns on all sides, it has delicately carved ornamentation. The patterns of plaited strands and spiral scrolls are a blend of Saxon and Viking styles and date to the 10th century.


The above stone fragment is part of a cross head with only two of four cross arms remaining. The arms are linked by a ring which gives the appearance of a wheel and is where its description of a wheel cross is derived. Crudely carved and badly damaged, the stone design was popular in the Viking age and it dates to between 900-1100.

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