Kendal: J.M.W.Turner


Windermere, 1821. J.M.W.Turner

On display at Abbot Hall Art Gallery, as part of their permanent collection, is a painting by the English Romantic landscape painter J.M.W Turner. The painting dates to 1821 and is entitled Windermere. The painting is of pencil and watercolour on paper and is one of numerous Lake District scenes depicted by some of Britain’s greatest landscape artists during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Blackwell Arts & Crafts House: Oak Bureau


In the White Drawing Room at Blackwell Arts & Crafts House is a bureau designed by the British architect MH Baillie Scott. Dating to c1901, the bureau is made of oak inlaid with boxwood, ebony, holly and pewter. This piece of furniture was manufactured at the Pyghtle Works in Bedford and was priced at £8 8 shillings with the option to purchase in a more economical form with the omission of the inlaid work and use of painted pine instead of oak or mahogany.