Lanercost Priory Church: Lanercost Cross


Standing in the now blocked doorway at the west end of the aisle in Lanercost Priory church is the shaft of the Lanercost Cross. Originally standing outside the church, the carved cross shaft contains a central inscription dated to 1214. Although the cross has suffered much damage, the full text was recorded by the English nobleman Lord William Howard in 1607. Part of the inscription was hacked off so that the burial of two year old Robert could be recorded on 20th July 1657 (top). The full inscription was:

“In the 1214th year from the Incarnation, and the seventh year of the Interdict, Innocent III holding the apostle see, Otto being emperor in Germany, Philip reigning in France, John in England, William in Scotland, this cross was made.”

The cross has been in its current position since 1888.


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