Ragley Hall: Carriage Collection


The circular stables at Ragley Hall were designed by James Wyatt in 1780 and one of the wings is now home to an impressive collection of carriages and coaches. Dating to 1838, the Brougham (above) is a light four wheeled horse drawn carriage. Featuring an enclosed body with two doors, the carriage has a split glazed front window which allowed the occupants to see forward.


The State Coach (above & below) was used by aristocratic families for occasions of state and for important social functions. Designed in the early 19th century, they were heavily decorated to reflect the wealth and importance of their owners. The Coach would be drawn by a pair of horses with a coachman and two footmen. The State Coach features a box seal mounted on a Salisbury boot with an undercarriage heavily carved. The interior trimming of the vehicle is fitted with Morocco leather silk with wonderful carriage laces. This model dates to circa 1890 and was made by Barker & Co. Chandos Street.


Also known as tub carts, Governess Cars (below) first appeared at the end of the 19th century. Describing both their name and their use, Governess Cars featured a deep low-hung body with a door at the back. Such carriages were suitable for small ponies and were controlled by a driver who sat in the back offside corner of the body. These beautiful and simply designed carriages were made by Brown & Son of Windsor.


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