Dent: Adam Sedgwick Memorial Fountain


Standing in the Market Place in the village of Dent is an impressive Shap granite monument. The memorial fountain commemorates the life and work of Adam Sedgwick who was one of the founders of modern geology. A distinguished mathematician, clergyman and geologist, Sedgwick was born in the village in 1785. After his education at Dent School and Sedbergh Grammar school, Sedgwick went on to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated with a first class honours in mathematics in 1808. He was appointed a fellow of Trinity College in 1810 and was ordained in 1817, going on to become a canon in Norwich cathedral. Sedgwick was appointed Woodwardian Professor of Geology at Cambridge in 1819 and in 1823, he made a detailed study of rocks in the Lake District. In 1829 Sedgwick became President of the Geological Society of London. Charles Darwin studied geology under Sedgwick at Cambridge before departing on the ‘Beagle’ in 1831 as project naturalist. The memorial was erected by the people of Dent in the late 19th century and is inscribed with Sedgwick’s name in Gothick lettering.

The Sedgwick Memorial Fountain is Grade II Listed.


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