Dodge Model 30 Tourer


The Dodge family started out by making the Ford Model T. In 1913, Dodge Brothers announced that they would design, build and sell their own car and stop building Ford cars. The first Dodge was produced on 14th November 1914 featuring a 35 horsepower four cylinder L-head engine and a 12 volt electrical system. Dodge Brothers built the first on site test track of any automaker to ensure quality and although their cars changed little in appearance until 1919, Dodge launched an enclosed four door sedan and introduced the first all steel coupe body in June 1922.


The wheels on the Dodge Model 30 Tourer are made from wood but have a metal hub and rubber tyre. The above outstanding Model 30 Dodge car was displayed as part of Wings & Wheels at Fishburn Airfield at the beginning of July 2016 and had one owner from 1921 to 1989. The car was imported into the UK from the USA but still remains a left hand drive.


Craven Arms War Memorial


Standing in St John the Baptist Churchyard in Stokesay is Craven Arms War Memorial. The memorial was unveiled on 29 July 1921 by Brigadier General Rotton C.B., C.M.G. and dedicated by the Venerable Archdeacon Lilley. Originally erected on Corvedale Road in Craven Arms, a rededication service took place on the 17th October 1999 when the memorial was re-positioned in its current location. The monument has a two stepped base of Hornton stone and depicts a WW1 rifleman sculpted from sandstone. Inscribed onto the sides of the plinths are the names of those who lost their lives in both World Wars and the names of those who fought but happily returned home are also listed. The monument is the work of the sculptor William G Storr Barber who served in the Great War with the Royal Marines. At the time the monument was moved in 1999, the War Memorials Trust contributed funds to renovate and conserve the memorial which included re-pointing, re-lettering and cleaning.

The memorial is Grade II Listed.