Treviso: Cattedrale di San Pietro – Papal Coins


On display in the museum of Cattedrale di San Pietro are coins commemorating a visit made by Joannes Paulus II (Pope John Paul II) to the Veneto region in June 1985. The above coin depicts Pope John Paul II wearing a mitre and pastoral pallium and commemorates his visit to Basil. S Marco on 16th June.


The above coin depicts Cattedrale di San Pietro, Basilica Sancti Petri above the birth place of Pope Saint Pius X and commemorates the Pope’s visit to Riese, in the provence of Treviso, on 15th June.


The above coin depicts a bust of the Pope and commemorates his visit to Venice on 16th June 1985.

Treviso: Loggia Dei Cavalieri


Located at the intersection of Via Martiri della Libertà and Via Indipendenza is the Loggia Dei Cavalieri – Lodge of the Knights. Constructed in the latter half of the 13th century, the loggia was built under Andrea da Perugia while he was major of Treviso. The loggia is built of brick with the arches constructed from Istria stone. The Romanesque loggia has five arches to three sides which are supported by undecorated columns.


The loggia was decorated with frescoes of which fragments still survive today.

Treviso: Opera Glass Mosaic


Located in Piazza Matteotti is a cell tower named Opera Glass Mosaic. The cell tower supports transmitters and receivers for cellular networks. The vertical obelisk is the design of the Italian architect Roberto Pamio and was erected in 2007. The steel cell tower is covered with shatterproof glass panels with Murano glass mosaic tile inserts and is thirty meters tall.


Treviso: Fontana Di Acqua


Located in the tranquil Piazza Della Dogana in the historic area of S.Leonardo and the S.Paul district stands a water fountain. Restoration has transformed the area with the addition of new piazza’s (squares) and buildings. The water fountain stands upon an octagonal stone base from which small animal heads pour water. The top of the fountain is adorned with sculpted leaves.

Treviso: Porta Fra’ Giocondo


On the outskirts of Treviso is the Porta Fra’ Giocondo. The bridge was constructed under the direction of the Italian architect Fra Giovanni Giocondo during the 15th century as part of the strengthening of the city fortifications. The bridge has two semi circular brick bastions that support the rusticated stone bridge which crosses the carriageway beneath.

Treviso: Casa Dal Corno


In the Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square) is Casa Dal Corno – Home from the Horn. Built in the 15th century, the Venetian Gothic building features windows with trilobate arches and has a five arch loggia.


Ceramic decoration adorns the window surrounds which have engaged corinthian pilasters. Fragments of the 15th century frescoes still remain on the facade.


Casa Dal Corno Loggia

Treviso: Fontana di Piazza San Vito


Located in Piazza San Vito is a water fountain which was built in 1930 following the urban regeneration of the area, The water fountain is constructed of Verona marble which sits upon a circular stone base.


A column stands in the centre of the octagonal basin from which four hydras pour water and support the fluted column above.


Treviso: Cattedrale Cripta Frescoes


The 12th century crypt of Treviso Cathedral is adorned with fragments of many mosaics and murals.


Many of the intact frescoes depict winged angels and are still richly vivid in colour and detail. Some of the frescoes have only fragmentary pieces remaining providing subtle traces of the Byzantine influence.


The frescoes date between the 12th-14th centuries.