Florence: Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine


Located on Piazza del Carmine is┬áChiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine – Church of Santa Maria Carmine. Founded in 1268, the church was dedicated to Our Lady of Carmel with construction delayed until the end of the 15th century. Little now remains of the medieval building due to 16th century alterations and a disastrous fire in 1771. The church is constructed of coursed stone and brick with traces of its history visible on the facade of the building.


The rebuilding of the church is in the Baroque style and was carried out by Giuseppe Ruggieri. The chapel decoration dates to 1675-1683 and is the work of the Italian painter and printmaker, Luca Giordano.


The church features many sculpted side altars, figures and reliefs with beautiful frescoes adorning the ceiling and chapel.