Split: Romanicka Transena


On display in the City Museum of Split is what is itemised as ‘Romanicka Transena’ – Romanesque Transenna. A transenna is a large slab of lattice work that formed part of a screen in an Orthodox church which enclosed a shrine. The example on display in the museum is undated with no location identification.

Split: Papalić Palača


Papalić Palača is located on Papaliceva Street, north of the Peristil, and is home to the City Museum. Built in the 15th century, the palace was designed by the sculptor and architect Juraj Dalmatinac.


The Gothic palace features the well preserved courtyard with loggia and carved staircase. Beautifully carved Ionic columns adorn the staircase balustrade and windows.


The interior reveals glimpses of arched stone openings of the former palace building.

PapPal3     PapPal4

The City Museum contains many artefacts from Split’s history including sculptures, statues, paintings and medieval weaponry.