Cesis: Carl Gustaf von Zievers


Carl Gustaf von Zievers was born in 1771 and was owner of Cesis Castle manor estate. In 1832 he established the Castle Park creating a tranquil landscape setting incorporating the castle ruins, streams and bridges.

CarlZ1                CarlZ3

In 1908, Carl’s son Emanuel had the above bronze bust placed upon a podium paying tribute to his father’s creation. The bust is located on Carl Hill in the castle park grounds.

Cesis: Emanuel Graf von Sievers


In the garden of the Kristus Apskaidrošanas pareizticīgo baznīca are the tombstones where two members of the Sievers family are buried. The Sievers family owned the manor of Cesis Castle from 1777 for the next 140 years. Emanuel Graf von Sievers was born in Cesis and entered the Russian civil service. He became steward of the Russian Empire and married Countess Elise Koskull. Emanuel died at his castle estate in 1909. The plain marble tombstones are where Emanuel (above left) and his wife Elise (above right) are laid to rest.