Treviso: Porta Fra’ Giocondo


On the outskirts of Treviso is the Porta Fra’ Giocondo. The bridge was constructed under the direction of the Italian architect Fra Giovanni Giocondo during the 15th century as part of the strengthening of the city fortifications. The bridge has two semi circular brick bastions that support the rusticated stone bridge which crosses the carriageway beneath.

Treviso: Il Ponte de Pria


Along the city walls on Viale Burchiellati is the stone bridge called Il Ponte de Pria. Located where the Cagnan Grande, Cagnan di Mezzo and Buranelli Channel meet, the bridge is part of the defensive system added to the fortifications of the city during the 15th century.


The bridge was designed by the Italian architect Fra Giovanni Giocondo who made strategic use of the abundant waters in the locality.


In order to block the advance of incoming enemies, the locks could be used to flood the area around the city.


Treviso: Mura Della Città


Following the Venetian Wars and rule by the Carraresi, the city of Treviso was fortified in the late 14th century. A line of walls and ramparts were built to protect the city which were in part rebuilt the following century to guard against attack from the League of Cambrai.


The 15th century saw the addition of two gates to the city and widening of the city walls under the direction of the Italian architect Fra Giovanni Giocondo.


Construction of the fortifications ended in the early 16th century with the addition of a canal perimeter around the city.


The brick walls are decorated with Istria stone reliefs of shields and the winged Lion of St Mark – the symbol of Venetian rule.

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