Treviso: Porta Santi Quaranta


Facing west of Treviso is Porta Santi Quaranta – Forty Saints Gate. Dating to the early 16th century, the gate was built to strengthen defences against attack. Constructed of Istria stone, the gate features a central arch and two side entrances which with two other gates, controlled access to the city up until the 20th century.

Porta4         Porta1

The facade is dominated by four pilasters on plinths with decorated corinthian capitals.


The inside of the gate (above) with three cross vaults to the ceiling. The plaque above the door translates “Italian volunteer defenders of freedom of Treviso went from this port while the Austrian winners made the honours of war.”

Treviso: Porta Altinia



Facing south on the old Terraglio road is Altinia Gate. The gate is named after the nearby city of Altino which was razed to the ground in 452 by Attila the Hun. This gate is the first of three gates which were built into the 14th century city walls and dates to the early 16th century. Constructed from left over resources from the fortifications of B.d’Alvano, the gate features an Istria stone renaissance arch and masonry tower. The gate was closed off in 1851 followed by partial restoration and rebuilding after World War II damage.