Riga: Kergalvja Lapene


To mark the 700th anniversary of Riga in 1901, the mayor of Riga George Armitsteds organized several garden parties in the city. Part of the celebrations included the construction of Kergalvja Lapene – Kergalvja Pavillion or Gazebo which was erected in Kronvalda Park. Designed and built by the Latvian master craftsman Krišjānis Ķergalvis, the Pavillion features a pedimented arched entrance on each side with engaged corinthian brick pilasters on plinths. The Pavillion is surmounted by an octagonal roof with leaded dome.


Riga: Andrejs Upīts Piemineklis


Andrejs Upīts 1877-1970

Located next to Riga Congress Hall in Kronvalda Park is the formidable statue of Andrejs Upīts. Upīts was a Latvian writer, literary critic and well known public figure.


Erected in 1982, the statue is the work of the Latvian sculptor Alberts Terpilovskis.

Riga: Piemineklis Aleksandra Puškina


Located in Kronvalda Park in Riga is the flamboyant statue of the 18th century Russian author and poet, Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.

Pushkin3            Pushkin2

The bronze sculpture was presented from Moscow in 2009 and is the work of Alexander Tatarinov. Although Pushkin never visited, many of his letters and poems are dedicated to Anna Kern who lived in Riga.