Farfield Mill: Mixed Media Collages


As part of the In Place exhibition held at Farfield Mill was several pieces of work by the textile artist Mary Sleigh. The mixed media collages (above and below) combine maps, feathers, stamps, paint, fabric and stitches to create connections between materials and a sense of place.

Flight316     Flight293

All created by hand, Mary is passionate about craft and textile heritage and is a member of the Embroiders Guild.


Mary enjoys the industrious process of creating work,  investigating materials and ways of working. By combining fabric, paper, stitched surfaces with unexpected objects, her work invites viewers to respond in their own way.

Flight428     Flight536

‘Every acquisition, whether crucial or trivial, marks an unrepeatable conjuncture of subject, found object, place and moment.’ Roger Cardinal, The Cultures of Collecting


Farfield Mill: Flies in a Bottle


On display as part of the In Place exhibition at Farfield Mill was the above work entitled “Flies in a bottle”. The wood, perspex and ‘found’ objects box is the work of the textile artist, embroiderer and bookmaker Mary Sleigh. Having collected numerous items of no intrinsic value, Mary has created artistic works that capture the memory of the moment. The In Place exhibition was concerned with creating personal connections with materials and objects while developing a sense of place.