Alrewas: The National Ex-Prisoner of War Association Memorial


Located along Millennium Avenue at the National Arboretum is the above memorial dedicated to the memory of those who fell by the wayside on the many routes from Polish POW camps. Marching in appalling conditions on those journeys, many veterans suffered diseases such as typhoid and diphtheria or carried wounds inflicted prior to or after capture. During one of Germany’s worst recorded winters, all POW’s were malnourished and had inadequate clothing or equipment to protect them. The memorial at the Arboretum is an exact replica of the one in Fallingbostel and was built by members of 2 Battn REME and Royal Engineers. The memorial is dedicated to the memory of those made prisoner in World War II theatres in Scandinavia, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Brougham: Tombstone


On display in the visitor centre at Brougham Castle is a tombstone which was found in 1827 approximately 500 metres south of the castle. The sculpture depicts a boy in a cloak with only a small part of the inscription surviving and reads “Annamoris, his father, and Ressona, his mother, had this put up.” The date of the tombstone is not known.

Appleby In Westmorland: Richard S Stephenson


Located on the wall of the north aisle in the Parish Church of St Lawrence is a memorial to Richard S Stephenson. Richard was the only son of Mason Stephenson who was the Mayor of the borough and a coroner of the county. Richard was a student at Queen’s College in Oxford and he died in Appleby in 1860.

Treviso: Antonio Mattei


Located along the historic Via Calmaggiore is a stone plaque dedicated to the memory of Antonio Mattei. Antonio was an Italian soldier and politician who died in 1883 aged 43 years. He was a volunteer member of the Sharpshooters in the Sardinian Army and fought in the War of Independence. He returned to his home town of Treviso in 1866 to join Garibaldi’s volunteers in Tyrol. In 1882,┬áhe entered the Chamber of Deputies for the College of Treviso and was elected by the National Congress of Som to the Steering Committee. The plaque bears testament to his life fighting for the freedom of Italian citizens.

Treviso: Home of Luigi Stefanini

LuigiStefaniniOn the outskirts of Treviso, along a quiet side street, is the former home of the Italian philosopher and educator, Luigi Stefanini. Luigi was born in this house in 1891 with a memorial plaque erected in 1996 to mark the 40th anniversary of his death.


The memorial plaque was in ‘grateful remembrance of the illustrious philosopher.’