York: Vickers Machine Gun


On display in the Castle Museum, as part of the 1914: When the World Changed Forever Exhibition, is a Vickers Machine Gun. The water-cooled .303 inch Vickers was formally adopted by the British Army in 1912 and was popular among troops for its reliability.


An air-cooled version became the standard weapon on British and French aircraft during WW1.


York: Lambretta Scooter


On display in York Castle Museum, as part of The Sixties exhibition, is a stunning example of a classic motor scooter. The Lambretta scooter became an iconic symbol of the youth culture known as the Mods. Manufactured in Milan, the name derives from the river Lambro which ran close to the production factory. First produced in 1947, the Lambretta was revolutionary in its design having three or four gears, engines ranging from 49cc – 198cc and having the engine mounted directly over the rear wheel. Such Italian scooters were the preferred choice of the Mods and were seen as an affordable and practical fashion accessory.